Travis Kennard
Job Title: 
Principal Consultant

How long have you been with Avanti?
Since June 2016

How long have you been in the Recruitment Industry?
Since May 2014

Awards received: ‘Top Billing Month’, ‘Avanti MVP’

Incentives hit? Multiple Lunch Clubs, Zombie Experience, early finishes, dress down, Holiday Targets

Lunch Clubs? Favourite Restaurant: Orwells

What attracted you to Avanti? The boss as much as anything else. It was clear when I came in initially that individual opinions were valued and you would be encouraged to get involved in the growth of the business. This wasn’t just an impression – since joining, everything we spoke about has happened or is in the process. I’m now building a team below me which was my ambition from Day 1.

Favourite Avanti moment? I’m a huge foodie so every time we go to a restaurant I always pick the things I could never really justify to myself. I’ve never ordered more extravagant meals in my life and I love it! The targets to go are attainable so now I look forward to a day of gluttony and excess every month (and a drink or two!)

Proudest Avanti achievement? How far I’ve come. I’m on trajectory to be where I want to be so my proudest achievement is sticking to it and being in a place where I can bill and grow a team under me at the same time.

Why would you recommend a career at Avanti? If you can justify wanting to do something differently you are given the freedom to do it. Simply put, this is so rare in recruitment that I would encourage and recommend Avanti to anyone who wants to put the work in and see results without constantly worrying about pointless KPIs.