Avanti truly believe in investing in our employees due to one simple fact; they are the CORE FOUNDATION to recruitment!

The individuals are fully equipped with an abundance of knowledge from DAY 1 and will continue throughout their career. Starting as Trainees to Business Managers the essential/ relevant training will be delivered via the different stages of ATP. ATP has continued to develop and has now reached a whole new level of training. We offer development for all levels and stages throughout you career with the following:

ATP (Avanti Trainee Programme) = The 360 process to start off your billing career
ATPA (Avanti Training Programme ‘Advanced’) = The specific details to increase your billing standard
ATPM (Avanti Training Programme ‘Managers’) = The extensive push to impose your success into your team

At Avanti we understand the fundamental structures to training such as classroom based sessions; one to one reviews / feedback; side by side training; group sessions; role plays and assessments following your modules. However, the BIG difference to Avanti is our bespoke training programme. It isn’t formatted in a large academy; our internal Training Manager dedicates their time specifically to the individual allowing, everyone to push through at their own pace during the 6 week course. This ensures EVERY detail is understood and demonstrated to a credible standard and grow into the ‘best’ recruiter.

Interested in joining us? Get in touch with our Internal Recruitment team on careers@avantirec.com or call 0118 402 4664.