Avanti truly believe in investing in our employees due to one simple fact; they are the CORE FOUNDATION to our business!

We ensure every employee is fully equipped in all aspects of the job through structured training starting on day 1, which continues throughout your career.
Training and development is so important to us that we employ a full time Training Manager to support our staff through every stage of their career.

Training consists of core modules delivered through our Avanti Training Programme (ATP), plus a number of specific bite size and refresher training sessions, all delivered through a mix of classroom based sessions, one to one feedback sessions, side by side training, group sessions, role plays and assessments following your modules.

ATP (Avanti Trainee Programme) = An introduction to recruitment basics plus detailed training on Avanti processes and best practice for success.

ATPA (Avanti Training Programme ‘Advanced’) = Advanced recruitment training for more experienced consultants looking to take their business to the next level.

ATPM (Avanti Training Programme ‘Managers’) = Training for those transitioning into Leadership roles.

The BIG thing that separates Avanti’s recruitment training from others is that it’s a bespoke training programme, geared to individuals and not a generic course delivered to a large academy. Our internal Training Manager dedicates their time specifically to the individual, allowing consultants to work at their own pace during the 6 chapter ATP course. This ensures EVERY detail is understood, giving our consultants the confidence to deliver an exceptional customer experience and become a highly successful recruiter.

Interested in joining us? Get in touch with our Internal Recruitment team on careers@avantirec.com or call 0118 402 4664.