Name: Luke Johnson
Job Title: Senior Consultant

How long have you been with Avanti:
Since March 2014

How long have you been in the Recruitment Industry?
Since March 2014

Number of Promotions within Avanti:
Trainee > Consultant > Senior

Awards received: Rookie of the Year 2014

Incentives hit? Lunch Clubs, Holiday Incentives, Zombie Experience, Golf Incentives, £250k & £500k Clubs

Favourite Lunch Club Restaurants: Restaurant – Gordon Ramsey, French Horn, Greyhound, Woodspeen & Crazy Bear
Holiday Incentives? 5 – Barcelona (twice), Marbella (twice), Vilamoura.
To go to these places and experience The W Hotel in Barcelona, VIP Pool Parties in Marbella and a private Yacht for the day in Vilamoura are just amazing, let alone it all being paid for.

What attracted you to Avanti?
The approach from the Directors in the interview was welcoming and friendly; it was more of a career discussion rather than a grilling about my experience. They had told me what to expect from them; what is expected of me; gave me a clear career structure and what I needed to do to achieve it.

Favourite Avanti moment?
Barcelona holiday target in 2016, it was the first holiday I went on with the team! Had a great time with everyone and it was a brilliant goal to achieve because I got to go on an all-expenses paid holiday with the people I work with!

Proudest Avanti achievement?
Making the step from a trainee to a fully-fledged Consultant in a short space of time; was one of my proudest moments. However the main one was carrying on that progression to a become a Senior consultant back in June of 2016 and continuing that to reach the £500k club earlier this year.

Why would you recommend a career at Avanti?
In terms of having the full market and industry training followed up by the support, Avanti is definitely second-to-none. The support structure we have in place is fantastic, from a full professional training programme to consultants that are always on hand to help. That mixed with the career progression on offer – the sky’s the limit! The culture we have is friendly and welcoming, but we have a good balance between that and being extremely hard-working.