Name: Kalina Suchenia
Job Title:  Operations Manager

How long have you been with Avanti:
Since December 2016   

How long have you been in the Recruitment Industry?
Since June 2014 started off as an IT Contract Consultant but shortly after moved into an Internal Recruitment Role

Incentives hit? Lunch Clubs, Zombies, Go Karting, Holiday Incentives

  • Lunch Clubs? Favourite Restaurant: Mya Lacarte, Orwells, Woodspeen
  • Holiday Incentives? 2 x Barcelona, Marbella, Ibiza

What attracted you to Avanti?
When I met with the team here I felt welcome from the get-go, it felt like everyone got on really well! I was presented with an opportunity I couldn’t turn down; with the possibility to run my own team and grow my career further alongside a growing business.

Favourite Avanti moment?  Hitting my first holiday target to Barcelona, within 3 months of being in the business.

Proudest Avanti achievement?  Doing 4 deals in my first full month at Avanti and hitting Lunch Club.

Why would you recommend a career at Avanti?
Avanti is a business that values its employees, having not been with the business that long I feel like they have welcomed me and provided me with a great opportunity. There is a clear career structure that will allow anyone who wants it to be very successful and work in an extremely fun environment.