Name: Kalina Suchenia
Job Title:  Operations Manager & Head of Talent Acquisition

How long have you been with Avanti:
Since December 2016   

How long have you been in the Recruitment Industry:
Since June 2014 started off as an IT Contract Consultant but shortly after moved into an Internal Recruitment Role

Incentives hit: Lunch Clubs, Zombies, Go Karting, Holiday Incentives
Favourite Lunch Club Restaurant: Mya Lacarte, Orwells, Woodspeen
Holiday Incentives: Barcelona twice, Marbella and Ibiza

What attracted you to Avanti?
When I met with the team here I felt welcome from the get-go, it felt like everyone got on really well! I was presented with an opportunity I couldn’t turn down; with the possibility to run my own team and grow my career further alongside a growing business, it was a no brainer.

Favourite Avanti moment:  Hitting my first holiday target to Barcelona, within 3 months of being in the business. The trip was so much fun!

Proudest Avanti achievement:  Doing 4 deals in my first full month at Avanti and hitting Lunch Club.

Why would you recommend a career at Avanti:
Avanti is a business that values its employees, having been with the business for quite some time now I feel like they have provided me with a great opportunity. Even if something isn’t working out within a certain role, we take time to retrain our team to ensure everyone is happy within their job role. There is a clear career structure that will allow anyone who wants it to be very successful and work in an extremely fun environment.