Name: Greg Clark
Job Title:  Principal Consultant

How long have you been with Avanti:
Since August 2012

How long have you been in the Recruitment Industry:
Since April 2004

Number of Promotions within Avanti:
Principal > Team Leader

Awards received: Multiple Top Biller of the Month and Top Biller of the year 2017

Incentives hit: £250k, £500k club, £1m Club, Lunch Clubs, Multiple Holidays,
Favourite Lunch Club Restaurant: The Royal Oak & DINNER by Heston Blumenthal
Holiday Incentives? Barcelona (several times), Monaco, Newquay

What attracted you to Avanti:
I worked with Mark and Gary at a previous company and jumped at the chance to work with them again.  They know the industry very well and give me the autonomy to run my own desk.  This allows me to focus less on just hitting KPIs for KPIs sake and more on the quality activities that make me successful.

Favourite Avanti moment:
The holiday incentives are always good – an all expenses paid long weekend away with the team sipping beers on the beach instead of being in the office was definitely one of the best moments.  Monaco for the £1m Club will be something I always remember – a Michelin Star restaurant overlooking Monaco Bay was a pretty special way to celebrate.

Proudest Avanti  achievement:
£20K Pay Cheque

Why would you recommend a career at Avanti:
We are a small but successful company with realistic billing targets so you can easily be hitting lunch clubs and holiday targets within your first 3 months in the role.  Also with set promotion targets you control your career and always know what you have to do to take the next step.   We’ve got a process that by itself will set you up to a be a successful consultant with decent earnings and when you add to that your own drive and determination then the opportunities to earn and progress your career are huge.