Name: David Smith
Job Title: Business Manager – Permanent Division

How long have you been with Avanti:
Nearly 10 years!

How long have you been in the Recruitment Industry:
10 years as well.

Number of Promotions within Avanti:
Trainee > Consultant > Senior Consultant > Team Lead > Business Manager

Awards Received: 
TOP BILLER – 3 years in a row
MVP – 2 years in a row

Favourite Lunch Club Restaurant: Orwell’s in Shiplake.
Holiday Incentives Attended: Vegas, Cancun, Ibiza, Villamora, Barcelona, Marbella, Monaco

What attracted you to Avanti:
I was told that if I worked hard I could have a career and eventually manage a team. That was something I was really keen to do and I’m so grateful I got the opportunity.

Favourite Avanti moment:
I don’t have a singular moment but when people join my team they normally have an aspiration like buying their first house or getting promoted. It’s always great when people hit those goals and my favourite part of the job.

Proudest Avanti achievement:
Top biller three years in a row

Why would you recommend a career at Avanti:
We’re a really successful agency and we’re at the size where we’ve got loads of growth plans and tons of opportunities for people that are keen to advance their career. Everyone that joins us gets extensive training and support and you’re trusted to do the job the way that you feel works. On top of that we’ve got an excellent commission scheme and a ton of achievable incentives throughout the year. I’ve been to places across the world and eaten at restaurants that I would have never dreamt of going to on my own and I think it’s pretty amazing that I’ve been there as a reward for doing my job!